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Rain gauge (unheated)

pluviomètre capteur de distance ultrason et sonde air hygrométrie
Rain gauge (unheated)

Plastic rain gauge with automatic flushing. Measures precipitation by 0.2mm increments. ±4% precision up to 50mm/h and ±5% for intensities between 50 and 100mm/h.

The maximum measured flow is 100mm/h. Its collection surface measures 214 cm2 OMM certified. ±5% précision between 50 and 100mm/h.

Diameter: 16.5cm

Material: Black ABS plastic, UV resistant


  • Heated option for colder weather.
  • Support bracket for the rain gauge.
    • It’s a white powder-coated aluminium bracket blanc 80mm x 40mm and 900mm long.
  • Reinforced gusset 200mm x 150mm, 8mm thick.
  • The whole kit is machined and welded.
  • Rubber end cap.

This plastic unheated rain gauge is built by Meteo Omnium in France, installed and maintained by MeteoGlobale Tech here locally.