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Our Services

Weather station installation:

We take care of installing your weather station and its various sensors and probes. The client is required to supply specific installation supports like a mast.

Within a day, your station is fully installed and functional, connected to our online platform for easy access to its readings. Our stations are generally powered by a solar panel. This prevents us from having to cut trenches to bury electrical cables and hiring outside electricians.

Weather station maintenance:

Each year, we perform maintenance on each weather station. Why? Because as time goes by, sensors and probes can encounter a number of particles that will negatively affect the accuracy of their readings.

To avoid these problems, a technician will clean and re-calibrate every sensor. Within 2 hours, your station will be good as new for another year.

data hosting:

As part of your monthly fee, we include data hosting, its security, and backing up historical data. You have access to all this data at all times during your contract.

Historical data is built up over time and you have constant access to it from the first day of your station’s installation. This data is secured, its confidentiality is assured.

Database management:

We offer a data perspective service. It’s a monthly or annual report that we compile at the end of a season. The reports can be made available through our MeteoRoutes platform, and also by email on demand.

When you sign a contract with us, you enter MeteoGlobale’s family of partners, this grants you access to other relevant weather stations that are near your location and could be of interest to you. Together, we’re building the largest weather station network in the country.