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About MeteoGlobale Tech

Stations météorologiques fiables à un prix concurrentiel
About MeteoGlobale Tech

MeteoGlobale Tech was created in 2020 in response to urgent client needs. That was to find a reliable weather station at a reasonable price. After an international search, we’ve signed a partnership deal with Meteo Omnium and their integrated weather station.

Beyond reliability, we looked for a product that was customizable for each type of need, each client. Installing many stations in one city is often necessary. However, they don’t each need every possible sensor.

We rapidly answered the needs of clients like the Jacques Cartier Bridge, the cities of Sherbrooke, Montreal, and Gatineau. Our solutions are flexible and adapted for larger and smaller cities.

Meteo Omnium, our technological partner

Our search stopped when we discovered Meteo Omnium for many reasons. The first was the quality of their products. The second was their ease of adaptability with their products for the realities of Quebec and North America as a whole.

Meteo Omnium is:

Design and custom fabrication of meteorological stations, sensors, and probes.

Equipment install and maintenance.

24/7 product support.

Permanent development of new technologies.