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MOVI Wired Cabinet

Armoire MOVI solaire 80W
MOVI Wired Cabinet

Our MOVI wired cabinet is made of double aluminium sheeting and a network connection. Effectively, the white aluminium structure is powder-coated.

The wired cabinet is required for several sensors like the heated rain gauge.

Dimensions: 430mm x 330mm x 200mm


  • GSM Routeur and Antennae.
  • Is installed on a post with TA/HR bracket to disassemble it (included) with another PRC bracket (included).
  • Backup 22Ah battery.
  • 100Am breaker

Depending on the various sensor options selected, it could also include the MOVI radioreceptor for Vigilice and 433 MHz Vigilice antennae.

This cabinet is built by Meteo Omnium in France, installed and maintained by MeteoGlobale Tech here locally.